Owl Camps

OWL (Oklahomans Without Limits) Camp is NewView Oklahoma’s free summer camp for kids ages 8-18, who are blind and visually impaired! 


NewView Oklahoma believes that every child deserves to have a “summer camp” experience. OWL Camp was created in 2000 and has grown to two weeks of camp each summer hosting 30 and 40 campers. Camp activities are carefully planned and designed to encourage collaboration, improve confidence, self-esteem, and independence, and challenge societal and self-imposed limits through a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, with a new theme each year! 

2016 OWL Camps - Sports Themed
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Are you 8-14 years old?


OKC CAMP is for you!

July 18 – July 22

at the University of

Central Oklahoma


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Are you 15-18 years old?


TULSA CAMP is for you!

June 12 – June 16

at Grand Lake and

Rogers State University


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Application Final Deadline: April 29, 2016

Camper spots will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

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Beginning in 2015, campers between 15 and 18 years old travel to Grand Lake in Langley, Oklahoma where they participate in adaptive water activities such as water skiing, wake boarding, and tubing with internationally-renowned adaptive water instructors; campers also enjoy activities like fishing, swimming, and boat rides, in addition to learning and practicing healthy life skills.


Younger campers between the ages of 8-14 get the opportunity to stay on the beautiful University of Central Oklahoma campus with Sighted Buddies, to participate in themed activities and go on amazing trips to local treasures like the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, Science Museum Oklahoma, Oklahoma City Zoo, and more!

Camp Media

2015 OWL Camp in Tulsa

2015 OWL Camp in Oklahoma City

Camp Donors

With the support of community partners and generous donors, NewView Oklahoma can provide youth, who are  blind and visually impaired with an unforgettable camp experience that will prepare them to live happy, independent and productive lives! To make a donation to support camp, visit our Camp Donations page!

Camp Volunteers


It takes extraordinary volunteers with a variety of talents and skillsets to make OWL Camp possible. Join us this summer as a Camp Counselor, Camp Sighted Buddy or Community Partner Volunteer! 


Camp Counselors: Together, camp counselors lead four different squads during camp. Counselors keep track of each of their campers’ whereabouts at all times of the day and night. Additionally, Camp Counselors are the first point of supervised adult contact for campers. Most importantly, counselors are charged to befriend, encourage, and foster independence in their campers!


Counselors must be at least 18 years old and receive special training in blindness sensitivity, clear an Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) background check, and interview with the NewView Oklahoma Program Manager. The maximum number of Camp Counselors is eight (8). Download Camp Counselor application.


Camp Sighted Buddies: Sighted buddies are paired with one specific camper for the entire duration of camp. The duties of our peer buddies include waking up and assisting their camper in getting ready for the day; helping their camper all day long with daily tasks; and helping their camper get to bed at the assigned hour. Not only are buddies responsible for staying with their camper AT ALL TIMES, but they must also work to develop a relationship, ensure safety, and provide tons of energy and motivation for their camper all week long. This is a 24-hour job, every single day of camp; it is also the responsibility of our Buddies to ensure campers receive their medications according to the medication schedule, eat daily nutritious meals and snacks, stay hydrated during outdoor activities, and get the proper amount of rest during their camp stay. The maximum number of Sighted Buddies is determined by a 1:1 ratio of campers.


Sighted Buddies are only needed for OKC Camp. These volunteers must be at least 14 years old, take the initiative to seek out this amazing volunteer opportunity, and pass the interview process with NewView Oklahoma’s Program Manager, and receive special training in blindness sensitivity. Download Sighted Buddy Application.


Community Partner Volunteers: Individuals, families and volunteer groups from organizations who support the mission of NewView Oklahoma dedicate their time and resources to help make OWL Camp a memorable and enjoyable experience for every camper!


Most community partner volunteers sponsor a day of camp or a particular camp activity providing resources, staffing and sometimes funding to "sponsor" that activity. Contact Sara Norton-Sanner at snorton-sanner@newviewoklahoma.org to learn how you can volunteer at camp!